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Are you looking for our useful tools to help calculate inbreeding or genetics? Then you have come to the right place! You will also find educational articles about animals that can apply to both hedgehogs as well as tenrecs. Have we made you curious yet?

Inbreeding calculator

This calculator lets you fill out a pedigree up to 12 generations to help you calculate the inbreeding percentage in a pedigree. See the instructions in the tool for more information.

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Genetic calculator

This tool lets you fill out colors and patterns for both parents of a litter to calcualte the outcome in the litter. You do need some basic knowledge of genetics to use this tool.

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Punnett Square calculator

With this tool you can fill out the genetic codes for each parent to calculate the outcome for a litter. You do need knowledge of genetics to use this calculator.

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Index of educational articles


  1. Normal, abnormal and distrubed behavior


  1. Collecting and analyzing stool samples


  1. Taxidermy toturial: a way to memorize deceased animals