Genetics research

When we started The Hedgehog Program, we launched a major project to discover the genetic colors of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and this project has already been completed. However, we are not closing this project as there are plenty of other species that also have fascinating colors and we love to research these other species. The genetics research helps breeders distinguish different colors, but also helps to avoid breeding colors that may be of concern regarding the health of hedgehogs.

Published documents

Published papers on this research are published on and may also be included in books or other forms of publication. Continue reading below to view these publications.

Current projects

Currently we are developing genetics research for Long-eared hedgehogs as they're gaining more popularity in the pet trade and more colors are popping up at breeders. We already have the wild color and albino quills and hairs, but we would love to do more research into the genetics behind their colors. We are aiming to do this for other species too in the future.

Open-source registry

We are developing an open-source registry platform extending The Hedgehog Program into a useful platform for breeders to keep track of lineages across multiple generations, even when their animals or the animal in the background are living with other breeders. By sharing important information on an open-source platform, issues in health and developement can easily be shared within the community, improving the overal genetic health of the several species that are held in captivity. The registry is planned to be created in January, though developement might take several months to complete. Due to this, the official deadline is yet to be determined.