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By using our research results in our online courses, we help you to learn more about your beloved animals, but also hedgehogs and tenrecs living in the wild.

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Business updates

photo of tent in forest

The Hedgehog Program is field researching!

As of tonight, The Hedgehog Program will be doing field research in the village of Pesse in The Netherlands. This […]

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New course available!

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard on a free course with unlimited lifetime access! The course […]


Field research 2023 in the making

Upon visiting our website and looking through the projects, a new one that’s popped up a few months ago is […]


Promote your (breeding)business, resue or non-profit!

At The Hedgehog Program we are very keen on supporting other businesses: breeders, rescues and non-profits in their goals to […]



Sonic Hedgehog Gene

These days you will find that every second hedgehog is called Sonic. Mostly people naming their hedgehogs Sonic, in reference […]

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brown and black hedgehog

Hedgehog, viper and rabbit are the victims of decreasing quality of nature

Despite efforts to increase the quality of nature in The Netherlands, the WNF (World Nature Foundation, the Dutch branch of […]


Do animals have conciousness?

For years, scientists and animal rights enthusiasts alike have been fascinated by the potential capacity of animals to process the […]


Two new species of ‘hairy hedgehogs’ discovered in the Philippines

Photo: Podogymnura intermedia (FMNH 186805, holotype), adult male. Photographed 28 July 2005 by D. S. Balete. The first two months […]

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Diabetes mellitis and captive hedgehogs

Diabetes is quite common in hedgehogs, although it is a diagnosis that is often overlooked. A clear indication is when […]

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Pop-off Syndrome

This is very rare condition, but seems to be occurring under the wild species of hedgehogs, especially with the European […]

white hedgehog in grass

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome as the waste-bin diagnosis

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome might just be the most wellknown diagnosis in hedgehog species, especially in species that are in captivity. […]


What is your hedgehog’s poop telling you?

It may not be the highlight of your day, but inspecting your hedgehog’s poo in the morning can give you […]

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Methods for sexing tenrecs

Tenrec owners and especially first time owners often wonder how they can sex their tenrec as they do not have […]


The sound of quills!

Weird, wonderfull and true! The Lowland-Streaked Tenrec (Hemicentetes semispinosus) is the only mammal with sounding quills. They are one of […]


Quills, hairs and.. quiars?

Tenrecs, much like other mammals, have a skin covered in hairs and sometimes quills. But did you know there’s another […]


Large-eared tenrec added to the Wiki

A new species page has been added to our wiki! Within the Tenrecidae family, the subfamily of the Geogalinae and […]


Breeding community

African Pygmy Hedgehog Club UK gets new owner

The former owner of the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club UK has resigned and a new owner is assigned. This news […]


Biology 101

Biology 101: Coprophagia and geophagia

When you work with animals, you know that a varying diet can be hard to maintain. A lot of animals […]


Biology 101: Anthropomorphism

If you’ve worked with animals for a while, you probably have heard of the term and might know the meaning […]


Biology 101: What is convergent evolution?

And how is convergent evolution relevant to hedgehogs and tenrecs? These are two regularly asked questions whenever i explain that […]


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"Hi there! My name is Stip.
I´m the mascot of The Hedgehog Program.
I will provide you with helpful tips throughout the website
and also guide you through all of the species
of hedgehogs and tenrecs that you can learn about on here.
You can also find me in courses to give you hints.
I hope to be a good friend to all of our members!
If you're curious about hedgehog and tenrecs,
the wiki is a good place to start learning!"

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