The Mesechinus family contains four species, all of which occur in East Asia. The family is therefore also called the family of Chinese hedgehogs, although this name is not entirely correct. There are no pictures of these hedgehogs, due to the fact they’re hardly ever seen in their native habitat.

Daurian hedgehog

Mesechinus dauuricus

A protected species in Russia, which is named after the place where it occurs naturally: the Transbalkan region also known as Dauria. The species is also found in Northern Mongolia.

Hugh's hedgehog

Mesechinus hughi

This species naturally roams the steppes in Central China. It has been known to forage for food even during the day, especially on rainy days.

Small-toothed forest hedgehog

Mesechinus miodon

This species is thought to be extinct, but like the Gaoligong wood urchin it lives in the higher reaches of the Chinese mountains, making counting very difficult.

Gaoligong forest hedgehog

Mesechinus wangi

This species is thought to have been extinct for decades, but in recent years they have been observed in the higher mountain areas of Mount Gaoligong in Yunnan Province.