African pygmy hedgehogs live naturally in the Sahel and south into Uganda and Zambia. An immense area with a lot of variation, but especially many dry countries with short rainy seasons. So they do not drink much, but get most of their moisture from insects, prey, carcasses and fruits. Unfortunately, the exact natural diet of an African pygmy hedgehog has not been extensively researched, but there are studies that give a good indication.

Fruits and vegetables

African pygmy hedgehogs live in fairly dry habitats with many plants bearing minimal fruit and many species are too hard to eat the leaves. Nevertheless, African pygmy hedgehogs have been found, especially at forest edges, whose stomachs were full of mostly vegetable food remains. They have difficulty digesting cellulose, but fruits and seeds are no problem. Hedgehogs are also found on sugar plantations and in grain fields, where not only many insects can be found, but also many edible plant foods. In addition, they also eat the seed packets of an Acacia tree when they fall to the ground. And of course there is much more to mention.

Prey animals and insects

Despite the dry areas within the habitat of the African pygmy hedgehog, there are many species of insects and prey. Think, for example, of crickets and locusts, but also African land snails, cockroaches, beetles and worms. But the African pygmy hedgehog also has a wide choice of prey! For example, African pygmy hedgehogs have a high tolerance to toxins from scorpions and small venomous snakes, which they attack, kill and eat effortlessly. African pygmy hedgehogs are good hunters! Small rodents such as young Acacia rats and Striped grass mice or young birds also fall prey to the African pygmy hedgehog in the wild.