Skin and fur care

Hedgehogs are sensitive animals and quickly suffer from dry skin, ingrown spines or hairs and also damage to the spines. Proper care for the skin and coat prevents a lot of problems.

Salmon oil as a supplement

Good care starts with good nutrition and possibly adding supplements to the diet. Salmon oil is a good example of this, because it nourishes the skin from within and thus prevents and heals dry skin. If the hedgehog already has dry skin, try giving a drop of salmon oil every day until the dry skin is resolved and then maintain it with a drop a week. More is really not necessary, because salmon oil contains a lot of amino acids and fats and is a fat maker. Excessive use can also cause other problems.

Sand bath or washing with water?

Skin care also has a lot to do with how you wash a hedgehog. Sometimes a bath of water is really necessary to remove visible dirt from a hedgehog's spines and legs, but a sand bath can also prevent a lot of visible dirt and also help to remove dead dander. Hedgehogs love to frolic in the sand. Hedgehogs are animals that live in arid areas of the world, especially African hedgehogs. Water can dry out the skin and cause a range of skin issues like dry skin. For regular cleaning of the skin and fur, we recommend sand baths using chinchilla sand or childrens play sand. When using childrens play sand, rinse well and dry before use.