This section of the website is dedicated to sharing information about hedgehogs and tenrecs that are useful to know when you own, breed or rescue hedgehogs or tenrecs. There’s three main subjects, each with their own sort of information.

General information

The general information section includes useful tools too calculate inbreeding in a pedigree and calculate offspring in litters. But it also includes general information that applies to animals in general and can be used for hedgehogs as well as tenrecs.

Hedgehog species

There are a total of 18 species of hedgehogs living around the world, some even rarer than others. Most species are protected in the area where they naturally live, but there are also species that are kept as pets. The hedgehog species are divided into 5 families, each with their own characteristics.

Tenrec species

Within the subfamily of 'Real tenrecs' there's ony 5 species. However, there's also a subfamily of Rice tenrecs, a subfamily of Earth tenrecs, a subfamily of Otter shrews and a subfamily of Lesser otter shrews. All of these are within the family of Tenrecs and include a total of 33 species. These do not include extinct species.