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Fund a hedgehog rescue center!

Casteford Hedgehog Rescue has over 30.000 folowers on Facebook and has received suggestions to become a sanctuary and build a rescue center. After considerarion, this is exactly what they wanted to do and are now looking for donations to make this happen.

A hedgehog rescue center would allow space to rescue and help more hedgehogs then they already do and have done for so many years! Beth Campsil who runs Castleford Hedgehog Rescue has made a small video about what the rescue does and the process into helping hedgehogs and released them back into the wild.

If you want to make this dream come true, please visit the GoFundMe page below and donate and/or you can share the link to spread the word to others.

One thought on “Fund a hedgehog rescue center!

  • M driver

    Are you raising funds to build new buildings or to get more land to expand?


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