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Great Hedgie Health, For Infinity

Best known for her educational infographics and funny hedgehog reels on Instagram @hedge_chef, Sarah Bessie has created a brand new resource to make African pygmy hedgehog care accessible, easy and fun.

Introducing the Hedgie Health Infinity Journal: a care guide, health tracker, journal, first aid crash course and hedgehog activity book all in one!

Designed to last a lifetime (or several lifetimes, depending on how many hogs you have in your home), this digital download includes everything that you need to organise, monitor and track every aspect of your pet pygmy hedgehog’s wellbeing from comprehensive visual health and hygiene guides to trackers for all of their Key Health Indicators and fun, reflective activities to help foster a rich and rewarding bond with your hedgie. 

It’s the perfect mix of silly wholesome fun and valuable information to take your hedgehog husbandry to the next level – and with a portion of the proceeds going to the National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue, you’ll be helping African pygmy hedgehogs all across the UK access lifesaving medical care, find foster families and transition into loving forever homes when you grab your copy of the book. 

“My goal is to empower prickle parents all over the world with the knowledge and resources they need to give these amazing animals the life that they deserve in our care.”

Sarah Bessie

“The decision to make the Journal a digital download was key to my mission of making hedgehog care accessible to all”, says Sarah. “Because it’s a digital PDF file, keepers all around the world can access it straight away no matter where they live, with no need to wait for weeks for a delivery driver.”

“The digital format also means that there are infinite ways to use it depending on your needs; if you love the feeling of pen on paper you can of course print it out at home and use it just like you would a physical journal, but if you don’t have a printer available you can also keep it entirely digital to use on your phone or tablet, or send the health tracker pages to your local print shop and put them in picture frames to use with whiteboard markers… The options are endless! Everybody’s hedgehog keeping journey is different, so this allows you to really tailor the Journal to your unique needs as a prickle parent.”

“It’s really fun and honestly really helpful… having all this information in a compact bundle is so amazing.”

Review from Mito the Hedgehog’s Human

Whether you’re an experienced keeper or you’re brand new to hedgehog care, the Hedgie Health Infinity Journal is an amazing tool to help you keep your hedgehog in top condition and make the most of your unique relationship together. You can grab your copy on the Hedge Chef website here!

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