New course available!

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard on a free course with unlimited lifetime access! The course has now been aired, though it is not completely finished. We will add new content to it over the next few days to get it done. But the first two chapters are finished and can be read through.

Basic care African pygmy hedgehogs

This course is about getting to learn the African pygmy hedgehog, and is specially made for first time aspiring owners. The course covers every aspect of animal husbandry, focussed on this species of hedgehogs with lots of information about their housing, nutrition, care and health. In 11 chapters, filled with 59 lessons, students learn about the native habitat of the species, but also about neurotypical behavior and what to do in emergency situations, how to spot a healthy hedgehog upon purchasing a hedgehog and much, much more!

The online course can be bought free of charge in our webshop, after which an administrator will activate the order and you can begin a lifetime journey of learning about these amazing little critters.

Are you ready?

How to enroll

In our webshop in the online courses category, you can find the course product listed as ‘Basic care African pygmy hedgehogs‘. Clicking this will take you to the course product. You can then add to cart and checkout. After checking out, an administrator will complete your order and activate the enrollment into the course.

You can visit the course page under ‘Courses > Collections > African pygmy hedgehogs‘ or you can visit your course profile, then click the enrolled tab and click the course name to access the course page. Once on the course page, you can scroll through the course information, curriculum and student list or click the green ‘Continue’ button to start the course.

Certificate of completion

After finishing 100% of the lessons and the final exam quiz, you can finish the course. This will prompt a pop-up with your certificate of completion to download and share to your liking. You can safely close this pop-up if you want to do this later, the certificate is always available through your course profile in the certificates tab.

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