Tenrec species

When you think of tenrecs, you most likely can only think of 5 species. But those five are only the tenrecs within the subfamily of ‘true tenrecs’, while there are 3 subfamilies of tenrecs within the family of Tenrecidae. And within those subfamilies, there are 8 genera and 33 species. And that’s if we don’t count the extinct species!

The family of Tenrecidae is divided into a subfamily of Real tenrecs, a subfamily of Rice and shrew tenrecs and the subfamily of the Large-eared tenrec. The subfamily of the Real tenrecs is divided into four genera. The subfamily of the Rice and shrew tenrecs is divided into three genera and the subfamily of the Large-eared tenrec only has one genera and one species.

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Article by Judith Dunkirk.


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