Hedgehog species

How many hedgehog species do you know? A lot of people know two, maybe more if they are members of several hedgehog groups on Facebook or follow different owners on social media. But did you know there are 5 different genera of hedgehogs and 18 hedgehog species in total?

In our hedgehog wiki we made an overview of the 18 species that are divided into 5 genera. In this wiki you can click around and read up on all of the information that is linked to the specific species of hedgehogs. On the pages about species that are also held in captivity, you can find all sorts of usefull informational articles about their housing, their diets and their specialized care needs. But you can also read about their natural habitat and the natural climate the species comes from.

Wiki ‘hedgehog species’ index

Article by Judith Dunkirk.

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